Three Things That Can Make Your Bad Credit Mobile Phone Contract Rejected

If you have poor credit, getting a mobile phone contract can be an uphill task in the UK. As a high-risk party, many companies do not want to deal with you. However, this should not be a reason for not getting the phone of choice because there are bad credit mobile phones that do not factor the personal credit score.

The bad credit mobile phones dealers are mainly interested in the applicant’s ability to repay the phone as opposed to the credit score. Despite this, some people with bad credit still get their applications rejected. Here are some of the main reasons why your application could be rejected.

Inability to prove source of sustainable income

While the bad credit mobile phone dealers do not look at the credit score, they are aware of the mammoth risk that comes from dealing clients with a poor score. Therefore, they put a lot of emphasis on the income. You must prove that the personal income can cater for personal expenses and meet monthly phone contract payments. For a person without regular income, no dealer will agree to take the risk because the end is likely to precipitate into default.

Applying for a very expensive phone not matching your income

If you are applying for a bad credit mobile phone, it is important to be prepared to forego some of the latest smartphones. The dealer will always recommend phones that are cheaper, have smaller RAM, lower resolution, and standard cameras. For example, if your income is very low, the application for the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge will be declined.

Not following the set procedure by the selected phone company

Many bad credit mobile phone companies have set specific procedures for approving phone contracts to their clients. Most of them require applicants to make their requests online by providing all the necessary documents. For example, you might need to attach copies of bank statements for the last one year to gauge personal financial strength. If you fail to include any of the required documents, the dealer will decline the application.

If you fail to agree with the set rules and regulations by the phone company, the application will be declined. If there are some sections of the agreement that you do not like, it is important to ask and have them clarified or adjusted. However, most companies require clients to read the agreement and sign or decline the contract.

Not being on the electoral register

Phone companies put a lot of weight on the electoral register. Not being on the electoral register could be interpreted to mean you are not of age and area of residence cannot be authenticated. Therefore, it is important to get personal details on the electoral register and provide further proof of residence.

Though bad credit mobile phone dealers do not factor your credit score, they carry due diligence to keep the risk as low. It is important to demonstrate your ability to pay, and more importantly start working on improving personal credit score.