How to Pick a Good Bad Credit Mobile Phone Dealer near You

More people than any other moment in the history of the UK are faced with the problem of bad credit. This has compromised their ability to access credit facilities from banks, mortgages, and even insurance. Besides, even phone companies are sceptical and turn down contracts applications for those with poor credit score.

To help more people access the phones of choice, bad credit mobile phone dealers have opened doors in every UK city. However, picking the right dealer has proven an uphill task for many people. In this post, we bring you easy tips on picking the best bad credit mobile phone companies.

The dealer should have all mobile phones

The selected bad credit mobile phone dealer should be a stockist of all types of mobile phones. This means that clients have more options to pick the phones of choice. If the dealer only has a few mobile phones on the list, there is a risk of getting less preferable and older models. Confirm that the dealer stocks the latest smartphones including iPhone 5 and iPhone 6, iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S4 to S8, and Sony Xperia among others.

Provide contracts on different tariffs and most phone companies

To earn more from the sale of bad credit mobile phones, dealers have been known to only offer few high-cost tariffs to make additional profits. If you only make calls for 10 minutes and send 10 texts daily, any tariff providing more than 300 minutes and 300 SMS per month will be wasteful. Your preferred bad credit mobile phone dealer should have many tariffs and carriers for clients to pick what suits them more.

Have an easy application process

The best phone dealer should have an easy method of application. In some cases, a client might have lost the previous phone and need another one urgently. Others might be in need of upgrading form the current phones but cannot wait for long. The best company should have an easy online application method and delivery within 24 hours. If the company of choice takes weeks to approve and deliver the selected phone, it is not worth consideration.

Provides room for negotiation with clients

If your direct application for an ordinary contract from the phone companies has been declined, there is a tendency to simply jump into the available deal. However, this is the wrong way to get a good device. The best phone dealer should have ample room for negotiating with clients to guarantee them better deals. You should be extra careful to read through the agreement and have hidden costs expunged. For example, if you sign a 24 months deal for an iPhone 6, you should not be penalized for any effort to clear it earlier.

Commitment to customer values

Though you are looking for a bad credit mobile phone, the truth is that the cash will be paid in full by the close of the contract. The selected dealer should, therefore, have a special commitment to its clients’ values. For example, the dealer should have good customer support services, guarantee, special offers, and regular discounts.