Are bad credit mobile phones only meant for individuals with less than average credit score?

Not at all. This is a fallacy that has been propagated by individuals over the years who by all indications have no idea what a bad credit mobile phone is. While in truth bad credit mobile phones were initially meant for those with a history of CCJs or whose credit scores were very low, the reality of the matter is that anyone can apply for a bad credit mobile phone the state of their credit rating notwithstanding.

What do I need to qualify for a bad credit mobile phone?

The good news is that applying for our bad credit mobile phones is pretty simple and fast. To qualify for our bad credit mobile phones at Higherleap Phones, all you need is to show proof that you are a UK citizen (an identification card would suffice), be an adult of sound mind over the age of 18, be in full or part time employment (provision of a payslip will suffice) and last but not least show proof that you reside in the UK.

Can I apply for the latest Samsung galaxy s8 under a bad credit mobile phone contract?

For starters, we wish to state that at Higherleap Phones, you are free to apply for any type of phone you so desire. However, if you are seeking to apply for a high end phone under a bad credit mobile phone contract, we might be forced to ask you for an initial deposit. Kindly note that this is only a security measure and meant to mitigate our risks should things go south. We ask for affordable security deposit and therefore you have nothing to worry about should you be going for a high end phone under a bad credit mobile contract.

What is the average repayment period for a bad credit mobile phone?

Ordinarily, bad credit mobile contracts can run anywhere between 12 months and 36 months depending on the cost of the phone you go for. The longer the repayment period, the smaller the amount of cash you will part with monthly and the vice versa is also true.

Is it okay if I repay the whole amount before the repayment period expires?

Of course yes! At Higherleap Phones, we encourage our customers to repay the money owed at the fastest possible time. Unlike other providers, we do not penalise our customers for repaying the money owed early. In fact, it is highly encouraged because it serves to improve the credit rating of our customers.

What happens if I am facing problems to repay?

We understand that financial problems might crop up when we least expect them. At times it’s because of our poor spending habits, our inability to manage our finances properly and at times it’s because of an unfortunate circumstance such as a job loss or incapacitation. When this happens and you find yourself unable to repay your monthly instalments, our advice is that you approach us immediately so that we can draft a new agreement in reflect of your new financial circumstance. We are always ready to help you.