About us

At Higherleap Phones, our core objective since inception has been to put a smile on the faces of our customers with a low credit score through provision of affordable mobile phones. We have always gone beyond the call of duty to ensure that our customers’ needs are met and that they are satisfied beyond measure. Higherleap Phones understand the need to treat people equally and with respect their credit score notwithstanding. It’s for this reason that we continue to offer affordable bad credit mobile phones in the shortest time possible.

We have been tried and tested and the glowing tribute that our customers accord us is testimony to the fact that we have over the years over delivered what we promised. It doesn’t matter to us how bad your credit rating is, how many times you’ve been rejected in the past or the calibre of mobile phone you need. We are always ready and willing to help you get a phone without carrying out credit checks. We believe that a phone in this time and age is an essential asset and one’s credit score shouldn’t at any given time be used to deny a person the ownership of this great technological invention.

Above all, we also believe that the only way that our customers can improve their credit rating is through affordable bad credit mobile phones that they can repay without any problems. Our customer personnel have always been at the forefront of ensuring that our clients make an informed choice and that the choice they make is for their own good. Affordability, reliability, efficiency and great customer service is what you get when you do business with us.