Three decades ago, mobile phones were not as essential as they are in the contemporary society. In fact, when mobile phones first hit the market, they were seen as an object of affluence, something designed for the rich, a luxurious asset so to speak. Of course, this was before mobile phones became mainstream and technological breakthroughs over the years have seen an influx of mobile phones in every imaginable sense of the word. So essential are mobile phones today that it’s inconceivable to imagine an adult that doesn’t own one.

I mean, in this time and age, we rely on mobile phones for far much more than the traditional functions of making phone calls and sending text messages. A mobile phone in today’s world can help you with directions, act as an alarm, make video calls, take amazing photographs, record conversations and videos and so on and so forth. For this reason, owning a mobile phone is no longer an option but rather a need. That said, Higherleap Phones recognizes that acquiring a mobile phone in this time and age on a contract is increasingly becoming difficult especially for UK individuals with a poor credit rating.

Majority of mobile phone service providers are keen on approving individuals with a fairly good credit score. This essentially means that those UK individuals reeling from a poor credit score have to contend with one rejection or the other every time they seek to avail a phone contract. This realisation is what led to the creation of Higherleap Phones. We are primarily concerned with giving UK customers with a poor credit rating a new lease of life. Ours is to ensure that we accord our customers affordable bad credit mobile phones without having to look down on them based on the state of their credit score.

From inception, we have remained true to our vocation and have steadfastly worked towards ensuring that all the needs of our customers are met. We believe that a poor credit score is not always the fault of a customer and therefore the same weighing scale should not be used on every one. We started operations to give bad credit individuals a new lease of life, an assurance that they can always avail a phone contract there credit score notwithstanding.

At Higherleap Phones, we endeavour to enlighten our customers before anything. Our customer personnel have always been available to answer any questions our customers might be having, guide them towards making an informative decision and ensuring that they go for a phone contract that is not only affordable but one which meets their text, calls and data bundles needs.

As a highly regarded bad credit mobile phone contract provider, we’ve been able to liaise with reputable mobile phone contract providers such as and therefore can say without fear of contradiction that with us, you are in safe hands. We believe that a poor credit rating shouldn’t be the reason as to why a person cannot enjoy the services of the latest Samsung galaxy s8, iPhone 7 or any of the high end smartphones in the market.

Why choose us?

For one, we deliver what we promise and have a long list of satisfied customers from the very first day we started operations. Secondly, we are not only concerned about making profits but put strong emphasis on adding value to our customers. Our customer personnel understand the principle of customer satisfaction, total quality management and continuous improvement and by so doing, ensure that each and every need of our customers are met. You simply need to reach out to us today and we can promise you unrivalled services, unbeatable bad credit mobile phone contracts and a provider that generally cares for your needs!